Usain Bolt wearing shoes featuring Puma's new Netfit lacing technology.

 Puma trotted out a few of its sponsored athletes and some influencers Thursday night to help create buzz for its latest footwear technology.

Olympic-gold-medal-sprinter Usain Bolt was joined by reggaeton artist and producer Yandel, New York Red Bulls striker Bradley Wright-Phillips, members of the New York City Ballet and a couple of soccer freestylers to introduce Netfit, a new lacing system where the upper of the shoes is covered in a weave of netting. Each hole is engineered to allow lacing, giving the wearer complete control to customize the position and tension of the laces.

The technology is available in sports and performance shoes and Puma has developed five lacing systems to provide guidance. These include standard lacing for runners who need minimal support, stability lacing for those seeking medial support, wide-foot lacing for those who need extra room, narrow-foot lacing for slim feet and heel support lacing for those who prefer a tighter fit around the heel.

Bolt will be wearing shoes featuring the Netfit technology to train for the World Championships in London this summer. This is expected to be his final race appearance before he retires.

“I do a lot of training — sometimes a bit too much — and it’s always different. Sometimes I’m doing power work, and then sometimes it’s speed and agility work, so it’s important to have a shoe that’s flexible enough to do the right exercise,” Bolt said. “The best thing about the Netfit technology is that it is customizable and I can lace them any way I want; not only to get the best fit, but it gives me the opportunity to be creative with it. Sometimes you wish you could just design shoes purely tailored to your own feet and now you can.”

Adam Petrick, global marketing director for Puma, said the goal for Netfit is to allow “athletes at every level and across a range of sports to create their own, perfectly customized fit. Anyone can use laces of different colors, widths, lengths and styles to create a personal expression for each individual taste.”

Shoes featuring the technology are being launched this month and will continue to roll out through July.

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