This is where we step in to help. We at Shillington reached out to all our Design Teachers, students and graduates to find out their favourite design blogs to bring you our top 50 recommendations to follow. 1. Abduzeedo Abduzeedo is a collective of individual writers sharing articles about architecture, design, photography and UX. Founded by Brazilian designer Read More →

We’re elated to launch an exciting new collection in our online store that doesn’t include jewelry! Instead, it will feature handmade or small-batch goods created by talented designers we’ve met through the years. We’ve sold many of these products in our flagship retail store for some time and are confident that our customers will love Read More →

Salwar kameez or salwar kurta originated in Punjab, North India, and is now used throughout the country for various reasons. Firstly, Punjabi suit salwar is the most comfortable Indian or ethnic attire, as ladies throughout India would attest. Lastly, new suit designs are brilliant and span a range of bright and strong colors that spice up one’s Read More →

As of November 9, sustainable and slow fashion brand Folde has officially started its crowdfunding campaign. The brand, which seeks to find the best possible way to produce environmentally conscious clothing, chose crowdfunding over corporate investment in order to avoid a goal for profit overshadowing its sustainable mission. Placing style over trend, the brand’s focus Read More →

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