Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts about financial literacy, and consequently, I’ve been thinking about how people handle their beauty budgets. I read in an article recently that says on average, women spend $313 a month and men spend $244 on beauty products. I’m not really surprised at those amounts, though, seeing how it’s easy to go there Read More →

There are several ways of cleaning your makeup brushes. The most important thing is to find the best way for your personally so that it fits easily into your routine. Cleaning your makeup sponges, the inside of your makeup bag, lash curlers and tweezers are also important and shouldn’t be left behind. Personally I clean Read More →

Moisturize from the Inside & Out We all know how harsh winter can be on our skin. The cold has an uncanny ability to make your skin dryer than the Sahara, and that’s why Jane recommends doubling up on moisture. She recommends taking Skin Omegas Skincare Supplement to help maintain skin integrity and a healthy lipid layer. “I Read More →

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