Shopping for workout clothes is often more difficult than it needs to be. Activewear brand Outdoor Voices is working to change that. On Wednesday, Outdoor Voices released the OV Kit Shop, which is like a virtual closet of all of their available activewear pieces, so you can craft your perfect outfit in no time.

The OV Kit Shop lets you filter by the specific activity for which you’ll be wearing your clothes, but it also lets you add additional filters for your personal style and preferred fit.

You may be thinking, “how exactly is this different from shopping online elsewhere?” The difference is that the OV Kit Shop lets you pair items together so you can see how they’ll look without ever having to try them on. It takes the guesswork out of the shopping experience. Have you ever put together an outfit in your mind only to be disappointed with the results in real life? The OV Kit shop is hoping to prevent such fashion tragedies.

Outdoor Voices has three different “kits” based on your desired activity, which is your jumping off point. They have the Rec Kit, which is more for everyday wear, like the leggings you might wear to walk your dog, the Tech Kit, which is made to handle a lot of sweat, and the Studio Kit, which is extra stretchy for activities like yoga. The best part is that you get a better deal when you buy the full outfit rather than buying the two pieces separately — so you get a coordinated outfit for less! Talk about winning.


Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

The pieces come in several colors too, so you can find your perfect outfit combo. And voila! Instant outfit.

The OV Kit Shop is now live and you can try it out for yourself on





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