We all love a new pair of shoes. And, while a pair of designer pumps would undoubtedly bring us some great joy, is there anything better than finding a high street alternative that is just as good? You just can’t deny the satisfaction of grabbing a bargain, can you?

Well, you’re in luck! Behold! The £8 Primark mule that shoppers are going crazy for. Did we mention that it looks pretty similar to Prada’s £470 version?

It’s hardly news that Primark have a habit of launching items that quickly sell out and end up selling on eBay for multiples of the original price! A perfect example of this is the Chip coin purse, which was part of the Beauty and the Beast collection and sent shoppers into a frenzy… and that was long before the £4 purse started selling online for four times the original price! But it looks like it could now be the turn of the Primark mule.

Bang on trend, and right on time for the summer, fashion fans just can’t believe that these Prada look-alikes cost under £10.

Especially as, despite the huge price difference, the shoes do share a lot of similarities. Both shoes have a statement bow on the front and have all the characteristics of a classic mule sandal.


Admittedly the Prada shoes – available in dark navy or black – do look (and feel) a little more chic and luxurious, formed as they are from velvet with a leather sole.

This Instagram user has paired the mules with some jeans and a Prada bag.

However, the Primark variations do offer a little more choice.

You can opt for nude, black or denim but more to the point, you could invest in all three and still have change from the £470 that the designer pair costs!

Primark posted the picture on 3 May and users have been busy trying to hunt a pair down.
One user said: “Cutest thing I’ve seen today”.

Several shoppers shared the lengths they have been going to in order to grab a pair. One shopper had travelled to stores in London, Nottingham, Burton and Birmingham in search of the mystical slippers but without any success.

Another shopper was desperate to know if someone could ship a pair to America!

[Source:- womanandhome]

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