We chat to Trace’s Managing Director and jewellery designer Valentine Gaudin-Muteba

Managing director by day and jewellery designer by night, Valentine Gaudin-Muteba spoke to us about juggling her day job and her passion project. She also shares why WAL jewellery is trendy and bold and has something for everyone!

Tell us about yourself?  My name is Valentine Gaudin-Muteba, Frenchie from La Mothe-Achard in Vendée, France. I have been living in Johannesburg, South Africa, a city I have called home for the past 10 years. I am the Managing Director for TRACE TV and I run WAL as a side business. I love music, fashion, art, travelling and meeting people from all walks of life!

Please give a brief description of your business/brand  WAL is a unique earring range handcrafted in Johannesburg. WAL makes use of both locally manufactured materials and distinctive pieces inspired by a fusion of bold designs, fashion, fabrics and music.

Why earrings? Wearing earrings for me is like applying your favourite lipstick. I can be wearing the simplest black dress and put on a pair of earrings that will complete the look!

What is your style philosophy? I believe that less is more and I like season-less items with an edge. I like simple outfits, clean cuts and plain colours.

What sets Wal Jewellery apart from other accessory brands? I make the earrings myself, they are not made in a factory and mass-produced. So not everyone in the country will be rocking the same earrings, something that I really dislike! My WAL earrings are unique and I try to make timeless pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons and years!

Advice to anyone who wants to start a new business?  Two keywords: Patience and perseverance! I started this venture a few years ago and having a full-time job, I had to work on my WAL project after hours and on weekends. I also saved up some money to work on the website and organise a media launch. One day at a time!

What are your future plans for Wal Jewellery?  I would like to expand the brand outside the borders of South Africa & also Europe, starting with France as I have some connections in Paris.  Ideally, I would like to have a manager running the business for me while I focus more on the creative side. I want to empower other women and teach them how to make the earrings! In line with the strategy of creating timeless pieces, I would also like to start crafting earrings with more “noble” material such as silver and gold.


Images: Instagram

Wall Earrings Range from R150- R270

you can shop online on http://www.misswal.com



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