Silver jewellery, being much cheaper than white gold or platinum, has become an obvious choice for style-conscious buyers these days. It’s a stable investment, and goes well a minimalist fashion ethos. An increasing number of young women—from professionals to students and homemakers—are now opting for silver jewellery. While silver has always been an affordable choice,  the Read More →

To some students at Ball State, the fashion industry is a lot more than just a needle pulling thread. Thirteen students had their work featured in Fashion Design Society (FDS) annual fashion show at 3 p.m. Saturday on the first floor of the Applied Technology building. The theme was Fashion Faerie Tale, which centered around Read More →

After three decades of building her globally recognized haute couture brand, American jewelry designer (and new CFDA member) Temple St. Clair is about to celebrate a massively notable milestone in her career: she’s being inducted into the Musée des Arts Décoratifs permanent collection at the Louvre. Not only is she one of only three American artists to be inducted, she’s also the first American woman. Read More →

ALONGSIDE SINGAPORE AND Hong Kong, Dubai’s reputation for custom tailoring is one of the most enticing aspects of the city for those who wish to shun the ‘off-the-rack’ experience and venture into the more personalised fashion realm. We absolutely love it. The creativity exuding from various designs not only shows off the wearer’s individuality, it Read More →

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