Winter is coming. While most of us can’t stop hoping, wishing, and generally praying that Jon Snow just gets up and declares his stabbing “only a flesh wound,” there’s one man in the world that has the power to control all that. Well, kind of.

George R.R. Martin, whose writer’s block appears almost as significant as his books are lengthy, told IGN that there was a major plot twist coming to the books. For those not in the know: This season the show will officially move further forward in chronology than its published source material. The only problem is that one of the characters involved in the plot twist is, you know, already dead on the show.

This is the first major schism as the show begins to outpace the books. But who could it involve?

Spoilers follow, but just watch the show like a normal adult. Seriously. Everyone else is.

We think that Stannis Baratheon is dead, although in the books he hasn’t yet begun his siege of Winterfell. We also think Jon Snow could, maybe, possible be dead (just kidding he’s for sure not). But other possibilities include Ser Barristan Selmy, Mance Rayder, or even Myrcella Baratheon. Maybe Mance will become the Undead King in the North? Maybe Ned Stark and Khal Drogo team up to fight crime as Starkman and Droggin? Maybe all speculation is pointless as by the time the book comes out, Emperor Ivanka Trump III will have unleashed her climate-changing zombiebot ninjas?

Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Of course, that would require that Martin stop his literally endless press tour, so we’re not holding our breaths.

[Source:- Refinery29]

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