Ellie Goulding isn’t exactly a household name in America, but there’s at least one major household in which she’s quite a star. That house is the House of Windsor, but if you want to get more specific, it’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. Goulding sang the song for the first dance at their 2011 wedding and described it in a video interview with Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg.

As the pair drove by Buckingham Palace, she told Blasberg about performing “Your Song” at the wedding.

“I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. That’s what my memory is, just looking down and seeing [my hands shaking]. I looked over at Chris, my pianist, and he was like,” here she makes a face, “You’ve just shit yourself. I know it in your face that you’ve just literally pooed yourself.”

Of her performance, she says that she didn’t picture them naked. But she thought she might not be the real singer.

“I thought I was a decoy for someone else. At the time Gaga was everywhere. Rightly so, she was killing it. Beyonce and Jay Z [were there]. And then, me.”

She also talks about growing up in London, crediting the bad weather for her great music. By that standard, Siberia should have all the best musicians on the planet.

[Source:- Refinery29]

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