Okay, folks, I’ll be honest. When I pitched this story to my editors, I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that February 29 isn’t actually going to feel like an extra special day or anything like that. It’s an arbitrarily designated period of 24 hours that wedges itself in between February 28 and March 1 every four years. Even more of a bummer was my realization that this year, the 29th falls on a Monday — and, thus, shall feel as shitty as every Monday does. (I truly think this should be a national holiday. Why should we have to sacrifice this rare, random bonus day to our jobs?)

But no matter! We’re going to celebrate leap day just because with some damn good television. We could all use a good reason to justify our binge-watching, and I just gave you a great one. You’re welcome. So in honor of it being a leap year, here are 15 amazing shows and movies to binge before the month is out.

[Source:- Refinery29]

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