image: Left, Salle Privée. Luxurious classics, founded by Patrick Munster. Coat, €1,260; shirt, €280; jeans, €340, all by Salle Privée. Boots, £715, by JM Weston. ‘Krusin’ side chair, price on request, by Marc Krustin, for Knoll. Right, Helbers. Unpolished elegance, founded by Paul Helbers. Jumper, £1,190; shirt, £390; trousers, £540, all by Helbers. ‘CH339’ Read More →

Nisan Ong of Thailand-based Ong Jewelry Design is aiming to make a difference in the field of fine jewellery design with his non-conformist ideas and avant-garde take on jewellery manufacturing. An ardent art collector, Ong describes his jewellery collections as unconventional and one of a kind, with a strong allusion to nature and tradition. In Read More →