Jewellery weather precious or otherwise, needs to be handled with care if we really want to enjoy it for a long time. Don’t wear your fashion jewellery everyday, cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia, suggest experts. Radhika Jain, designer at MiRa and Charu Singh Chaudhary, founder and creative head at Zooki, have listed Read More →

But there is no need for a make-up meltdown. With clever tips and tricks you can make your face stay put. Here, celebrity make-up artist LISA SLONEEM reveals how to melt-proof yourself for summer. 1. USE OIL-FREE MOISTURISER: This is an essential holiday beauty product for keeping summer skin hydrated without looking greasy. Try La Read More →

Right kind of clothing is essential in every season and your summers need little extra precautions. The excess heat can expose you to sweat, dehydration and heat rash. However, dressing smart and wearing the right clothes you can easily beat all these problems. Choose cotton fabrics Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows Read More →