Here’s your ultimate guide to bridal summer make-up.

Every fashion lover has struggled with this at some point. How do you prevent your make-up from melting under the scorching sun? Certainly, a hot and humid climate is not your make-up’s best friend. But, there’s a way to make it work. Annanya Sabarwal, Country Head at Kiko Milano India and Davinder Kaur, make-up expert at MyGlamm, share some useful make-up tips:

* Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser and rub ice wrapped in a clean cotton cloth, all over your face. It refreshes and hydrates the skin. Follow with a moisturiser as per your skin type.

* Opt for an oil-free primer before applying make-up as it helps it last longer and holds your make-up up through any condition. If you use foundation, apply an oil-free formula with a foundation brush. After you’ve applied your liquid foundation, powder your face with a small brush.

* Be careful with bronzers. Stay away from liquid or cream bronzers, as they will not hold up in the heat; try a matte powder instead.

A waterproof mascara is a must, especially given the weather. (Shutterstock)

* If your eyelids are extra oily, apply a mattifying product first, as it gives a perfect finish to any texture of eye shadows and makes it stay longer without creasing the eyeshadow. Stick to powdered eyeshadows over creamy formulas.

* As for liners, a waterproof liquid liner is the best idea.

* A waterproof mascara is a must, especially in the summers

* Opt for soft, powdery formula over cream blush that will look fresh and absorb oil. For more staying power, apply cheek stain, then dust a matching powder blush on top of it.

* Complete your look with a matte lipstick in coral, peach and pink colours. Before you do that, start off by using a good lip scrub and then moisturise your lips with balm so your pencil will glide along easily. Take your lip pencil on your entire lips as this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and supply more holding power. Cover your lips with the lipstick once the base is set.

* Make sure to use a fixing spray. If you don’t have one, rose water is a good substitute too.

* Do not to forget to carry a kit for quick touch ups, it should include a compact, a lipstick, powder-free blotting papers to remove shine, and a small tube of concealer with a tiny synthetic brush for quick touch-ups.





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