Right kind of clothing is essential in every season and your summers need little extra precautions. The excess heat can expose you to sweat, dehydration and heat rash. However, dressing smart and wearing the right clothes you can easily beat all these problems.

Choose cotton fabrics
Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air. It works like a towel, wicking the moisture away from your skin and discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast. Synthetic fabrics are not ideal for the season, the sweat doesn’t dry off like it should.

Go for lighter colours
Light colours are preferably best option for summer. Colours like white, yellow, beige and other light shades keep you cool because they reflect most of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Dark fabrics, on the other hand, tend to absorb these rays and trap their heat.

Wear loose clothes
You should drop off the idea of wearing tight clothes for a few months and instead go for loose ones. Your blood vessels tend to dilate in summer so that your body can cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin, so make it a point to wear loose and airy clothes to allow your blood to circulate freely.

Choose the right clothing styles
Summer is the time to feel comfortable wearing shorts, dresses and sleeveless clothes. However, these are not exactly the ideal garments for this season. They expose your skin to the sun, which is not good for your skin. The short dresses can be worn during evening hours when the sun sets. The ideal clothing choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. Loose salwar kameezes are also a good option.


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