Hong Kong-based jewellery manufacturer EJI (Elegance Jewellery International Ltd) is shining the spotlight on its latest diamond jewellery collection at the June Hong Kong Fair.

According to the company, the Trimestre Collection features diamond-encrusted pieces in 18-karat white gold. The jewellery manufacturer is targeting a wide range of international buyers at the show.

With a more diverse diamond jewellery market and clients becoming more price-conscious, EJI said it is now offering a more competitive price range. Pieces in the Trimestre Collection sell from US$4,900.

Founded in 1991, EJI counts the US and Europe among its main export destinations. It also has customers from Asia, Canada and Australia.

In a previous interview, company CEO Ricky Lam highlighted the importance of providing better, instead of cheaper, products to remain relevant in the industry today.

“We’ll produce bolder pieces and use more diamonds above SI clarity, in order to build a bigger presence in the high-end market. The way we see it, going upmarket is the only way to go at the moment,” said the company official.

Lam also underscored the traditional function of jewellery as an investment and its appeal to Chinese consumers. “Chinese communities, whether on the mainland or overseas, now constitute a very important – if not, the most important – group of luxury consumers in the world, and they love large, premium jewellery pieces that can serve as good investments.”

An 18-karat white gold diamond pendant from the Trimestre Collection of EJI

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