Chinese freshwater pearl specialist Zhejiang Angeperle Co Ltd is presenting a new collection of pearl jewellery inspired by the cultural heritage and international reputation of the city of Hangzhou, China.

The collection centres on four themes that represent the city, namely “Broken Bridge,” a famous historic bridge in the city that serves as a setting for a well-known Chinese legend; “Osmanthus Blossoms,” the fragrant “city flower” of Hangzhou; “Silk Umbrella,” a traditional handicraft that the city is renowned for; and “G20 Summit Logo,” which commemorates the city’s hosting of the G20 Summit in September this year.

Zhejiang Angeperle was listed on the New Third Board, an over-the-counter stock exchange in mainland China in January this year. The company has a factory with over 200 workers in Zhejiang, with a monthly production of 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms of pearls worth US$3 million, Water Hu, general manager of Angeperle (International) Co Ltd, whose parent company is Zhejiang Angeperle, said in a previous interview.

Besides its headquarters in Zhejiang, Angeperle also operates in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Beijing. The Hong Kong branch focuses on export, with Italy, Germany and the US as its major destinations, according to Hu.

An 18-karat gold “Broken Bridge” brooch set with diamonds and freshwater pearls by Zhejiang Angeperle Co Ltd

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