MetaGem CEO David Chang

MetaGem is carving its niche in the fashionable wearables space with Intelligent Gem, a stone with a digital chip, which can track activity, check one’s vital signs or alert its wearer of incoming calls, emails or texts.

Founded in 2014 by company CEO David Chang, MetaGem is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has offices in Hong Kong and the US. In a world where fashion and function make a winning combination, the young company said it has the expertise and the business savvy to grow the wearable tech business in Asia.

In an interview with JNA, MetaGem’s Chang talked about his company’s market positioning, the exciting opportunities in wearable technology and the services his team offers.

JNA: What’s the value proposition that MetaGem can offer traditional brands?

David Chang: We can help our customers differentiate themselves further from the competition. We mainly have B2B clients, many of whom are jewellery brands and designers.

What’s so great about MetaGem is that through its chip technology and various applications, it can help traditional brands reconnect with younger consumers. We can make their products much more exciting and appealing to this customer base.

By making fashionable accessories functional, we are making jewellery-making, which is a traditional craft, exciting once again. We also have an app that enables traditional brands to engage and build real-time relationships with consumers.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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