Capitalising on Greece’s magnificent history, Greek jewellers are bent on capturing a bigger share of the Asian market with their culture-inspired jewellery pieces that appeal to a wide range of international clients.

In a talk with JNA, two Greek jewellery manufacturers – Prismart and Ekan SA – shared their best practices and business strategies to expand their global reach.


Athens-based Prismart specialises in 9-, 14-, 18- and 22-karat gold jewellery adorned with diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones, particularly tanzanite and London blue topaz stones or sapphires.

Mike Fan, project manager and art director of Prismart, said the company offers an eclectic array of jewellery items manufactured using a combination of handmade techniques and modern machinery.

Established five years ago, Prismart is aiming to inject fresh design perspectives into the international jewellery industry. “We always look at what is already in the market and what buyers still need. With that in mind, we come up with unique ideas and infuse the market with inventive designs,” noted Fan.

The jeweller’s major markets are Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, but it also has clients in Japan, Russia, Australia and Switzerland.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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