Emperor Jewellery of Hong Kong launched the Emperor Waltz Collection, a selection of fine diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery pieces inspired by European culture and architecture.

“Inspired by the remarkable style of the Château de Versailles, Emperor Jewellery blends French heritage into contemporary jewellery design by fusing extravagant imperial designs and amazing classical aesthetics with modern expertise in jewellery cutting and setting,” the company noted.

The results are a modern reinterpretation of European classical art and architectural beauty, embodied by the new collection. Emperor Jewellery also brought two fresh collections, Secret Garden and Love Paradise, into the limelight.

To celebrate the launch of these collections, Emperor Jewellery organised the Emperor Waltz Jewellery Show, held in November. The event was graced by celebrities and various industry stakeholders.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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