Golden South Sea pearl specialist Jewelmer Joaillerie of the Philippines dazzled buyers at the September Hong Kong Fair with its latest collections of pearl and diamond jewellery in innovative designs.

In an interview, Jacques Christophe Branellec, deputy CEO of Jewelmer, said the new collections – Louvre and Illusion – feature unconventional designs that give classic pearl and diamond jewellery a contemporary twist.

“We always try to push the boundary of pearl jewellery design. The Louvre Collection, inspired by the Louvre in Paris, pays homage to architectural structures. The Illusion Collection, meanwhile, draws inspiration from the interplay between pearls and lights. As always, the Philippine golden South Sea pearl is the star of every piece,” noted Branellec.

The pieces come in 18-karat gold and are adorned with diamonds.

The company official described the September Hong Kong Fair as an ideal platform to showcase Jewelmer’s latest products and do business with existing and potential clients.

“The show has been very good so far. We met with our regular customers but what’s interesting this year is we’ve had some new retailers approaching us saying they’ve heard about our brand, or they saw us in Tokyo. It’s very promising, and we’re excited for the future of the brand,” he added.

The jeweller entertained clients mainly from China but there were customers from Australia, Puerto Rico and other international markets as well, according to Branellec.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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