Merii, a 925 sterling silver jewellery brand of the Pranda Group, recently revealed its insights into “The Spirit of Luxury” concept. The brand has made a splash with the launch of a collection set with 100-cut Cubic Zirconia, which was designed and distributed by the group.

Merii 925 sterling silver jewellery is distinguished by its classical feminine style that is both elegant and timeless, according to Pranda. Accentuated by the 100-cut Cubic Zirconia and crafted by diamond jewellery craftsmen, Merii jewellery embodies beauty, practicality and durability, while being versatile enough to be worn on different occasions, the group added.

“Merii is the ultimate solution for women who lead an active social life and do not compromise when it comes to accessorising for their day-to-day lives,” said Jan Tiasuwan, Merii brand creative manager.

“The genuine brilliance of diamonds as well as the timeless designs that embody ‘The Spirit of Luxury’ set Merii pieces apart. It’s rare to find fashionable diamond-look jewellery crafted with Merii quality. We created this brand to serve the needs of people who care about details and fine craftsmanship.”

Tiasuwan added, “Pranda Group is recognised in the industry for its craftsmanship expertise. This expertise, combined with our Bangkok and Paris-based design teams, makes Merii jewellery truly unique. With them, we’re able to deliver elegant simulated diamond jewellery.”

Merii marketing and promotional activities in Thailand have already received excellent responses, indicating that the brand is well-positioned and built to thrive throughout Asia, the group said. In mid-2016, Merii was launched at two prominent city centre locations in Vietnam and Indonesia; Takashimaya, Ho Chi Minh City, and Central Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

“My vision is for Merii to be internationally recognised. We are moving towards this vision by expanding Merii across Southeast Asia and gradually building Merii as a trusted source of beautifully crafted jewellery for women with a discerning eye for style,” Tiasuwan said.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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