Giorgio Armani Prive Cuir Majeste Fragrance

Giorgio Armani has revealed Cuir Majeste, its most recent aroma for the Armani Prive perfume collection delivering one more fascinating launch to the expanding series of wonderful developments to this collection. For remembrance the latest additions to the line involve this year’s Fil Rouge and the Malachite Collection with Rouge Malachite and Vert Malachite and not to leave behind Sable Fume and Sable Or launches and also Ambre Eccentrico previously.

Cuir Majeste is the new extraordinary Eau de Parfum for Armani/Prive Haute Couture Fragrances. Dedicated to the city of London, this fascinating aroma runs in respect to the heritage and lifestyle of the city, put in a sensual and fashionable fragrance.

Beginning with incense decorated by notes of dried fruit, the deluxe aroma changes into inviting notes of leather and tobacco imbued with osmanthus flowers. Its May rose heart is bounded by strong vanilla, while its allure expands to its peak in an affluent base with tips of orcanox and gently passive mosses. Thrilling and warm, with woody, tobacco, and floral qualities, Cuir Majeste is a potent fragrance, which charms the skin of both males and females.

Armani Prive Cuir Majeste is on the market from July 2016 in the UK priced at £530-GBP for 250ml Eau de Parfum and is encased in the familiar square bottle of the Armani Prive collection featuring a total black color theme for the body and stopper with little golden touches.

Giorgio Armani Prive Cuir Majeste 250ml/8.4fl.oz EDP – Eau de Parfum

[Source:- perfumemaster]

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