The prestigious design and style house of Giorgio Armani has expanded its perfume collection with several new aromatic releases for the year of 2016 and we take the opportunity to visit them briefly unfurling the fragrant smells of magnificent essences before the holiday season makes its welcome smile for all of you waiting for the Read More →

Giorgio Armani has revealed Cuir Majeste, its most recent aroma for the Armani Prive perfume collection delivering one more fascinating launch to the expanding series of wonderful developments to this collection. For remembrance the latest additions to the line involve this year’s Fil Rouge and the Malachite Collection with Rouge Malachite and Vert Malachite and Read More →

Evolving the trend of the greatly popular and successful Armani Code fragrance the newest Armani Code Sport 2016 is among the numerous expressions of this popular selection from the brand of Giorgio Armani. The classic Armani Code with a heritage of over ten years has advanced into several different chapters from the splendid seasonal Armani Read More →

Giorgio Armani perfumes unveil a pair of new limited editions for its youthful and trendy Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume collection. The new Emporio Armani Diamonds Club fragrance series are dazzling, bright and sparkly perfumes inspired by bright neon lights from Disco Clubs, high power and the good energy from the party night out setting. Giorgio Read More →