Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016 Fragrance

Evolving the trend of the greatly popular and successful Armani Code fragrance the newest Armani Code Sport 2016 is among the numerous expressions of this popular selection from the brand of Giorgio Armani. The classic Armani Code with a heritage of over ten years has advanced into several different chapters from the splendid seasonal Armani Code Summer versions toArmani Code Ultimate, Armani Code Golden, Armani Code Ice, the sophisticated Armani Code Special Blend and this year’s wealthy Armani Code Profumo to the sporty versions of Armani Code Sport and Armani Code Sport Athlete.

The Armani Code Sport 2016 man is excitingly mysterious and captivating, a magnetic appearance with his hypnotic look. The starting is a stunning and powerful bouquet of phenomenal freshness evolving from a combination of three mints, wild mint, peppermint and spearmint mint. Mandarin and Sicilian lemons give an Italian whisper to this stylish scent. The heart of the fragrance reveals the attractive power of Armani Code Sport and the ambrox absolute ignites bodily desires with its powerful concentration warmed to the stage of burning in a blend of ginger and vetiver establishing a new class of refinement and sensuality. A soft coating of ice, the Hivernal demonstrates these contrasts and expands the interchange between icy breath and a sensual breath, offering the scent a kind of everlasting quality. Together the classic Armani Code and Armani Code Sport are in excellent balance, a fragrance for day time or evening use, whether for the week days or the weekend, an aroma for a sophisticated and strong attraction.

Housed in the famous shaped bottle of the Armani Code series it takes on the refreshed fashion of the Armani Code Profumo launch now having a gunmetal shade together with a fabric collar finish.

Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016 30ml/1.0fl.oz EDT – Eau de Toilette
Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016 50ml/1.7fl.oz EDT – Eau de Toilette
Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016 75ml/2.5fl.oz EDT – Eau de Toilette

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