Hanae Mori Purple Butterfly Perfume

Purple Butterfly is the latest airy aroma from Hanae Mori perfumes. The classic Hanae Mori Butterfly is an aroma that showed up twenty years ago and has evolved into a beloved preference in contemporary perfumery. Undoubtedly, it instantly captivates with its unique olfactory composition. Certainly without the acquainted olfactory pyramid but with different scent levels that entwine and mix from its starting notes, now the chrysalis of the past shows up to have changed into a completely new butterfly. Hanae Mori delivers its new concentration for the season caressed in a purple violet pink tone superbly matching thePurple Butterfly.

The seductive fragrance of Purple Butterfly completely fits the design of its for-runners, also passionate and feminine. The purple evolves with its really elegant powdery scent, backed by the most feminine flower the rose. The queen of perfumery emanates all her charming attraction and is combined with one of the best elements from the perfumer’s palette the iris. The scent of this plant appears to reflect the powdery tones of violet steadily darkening, as it advances in time Purple Butterfly changes gradually closer to a woody, dark and mysterious background while patchouli sublimates all of this very powerful classiness.

Purple Butterfly is encased in the acquainted rectangular bottle of the Butterfly collection and for the celebration is touched with a gradient deep purple to light pink color theme while its neck is strapped with a beautiful bow. Purple Butterfly shows up beautifully fashioned leading us to a world of dreams.

Hanae Mori Purple Butterfly 100ml/3.4fl.oz EDP – Eau de Parfum

[Source:- perfumemaster]

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