Are you interested in learning more about making floral arrangements and centerpieces?  There are a few key items that will help your decoration stand out and impress your friends and family.

Use Some Feathers

Feathers aren’t just for birds or arrow tips. Many beautiful centerpieces and floral arrangements incorporate the use of decorative plumes. Since feathers don’t have a shelf life or require watering, they’re the perfect item to add to an arrangement that you want to keep for a long time. Ostrich feathers are large and plush and look great in floral bouquets. If you’re looking to make multiple arrangements, then you might want to look into a company that provides ostrich feathers in bulk.

Choose an Attractive Container

One of the best ways to make your decorative arrangement stand out is to find the right container for your flowers and feathers. You will want to consider the theme of the room or area that you are decorating and find receptacles that match this scene. Choose colors that go with the room decor and that also compliment the arrangement you’re creating. If you’re not wanting to match a particular theme, a good way to find unique vases or glasses is to visit a second-hand or thrift store.

Try Some Dried Flowers

If you love a live flower arrangement you have and want to preserve the flowers, you can hang them to dry. Roses dry well when they’re hung upside down in a cool, dry environment for a few days. Dry flowers won’t decompose and don’t require water.

An attractive centerpiece can be easy to create. Whether you’re just wanting to redecorate your own home, help a friend decorate theirs, or plan decorations for a party, there are many ways you can come up with a creative and classy arrangement.

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