10 Steps to the Perfect DIY Spa Night

Whether you’ve had a bad week or have simply felt stressed and out of it lately, it might be time for a day off filled with pampering and self-care. Taking time out to pamper yourself can easily lift your spirits, and the best part is, putting together your personal care day doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply add these three fun ideas to your agenda for a relaxing day.

1. Hit Up the Local Hair Salon

If getting your hair done and having a great hair day puts you in a better mood, why not kick off your self-care day with a trip to a hair salon White Plains NY? Whether you want a trim, a new hair color or a complete overhaul of your current look, a visit to the salon is sure to put a smile on your face and a little extra pep in your step.

2. Try a New Type of Massage

Feeling more stressed than usual? Try booking a massage next. Surprisingly, getting a massage can actually be good for your health, and can certainly make a helpful addition to a dedicated personal care day. Call up your local massage parlor and ask whether they offer any or all of the following unique massage options.

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep-tissue massage
  • Hot stone massage

3. Focus on Facial Care

If your constant stress is starting to show up in your face, you can finish out your personal day by booking a facial. Trying out new skincare or getting a professional treatment can make a major difference not only in how you look, but in how you feel as well. You may even be able to purchase some products to take home with you!

Taking a personal day can help you reset and feel refreshed within the space of just a few hours. By making an appointment at your local hair salon, getting a relaxing massage and trying out a little facial care for a fresh look, you can enjoy a full day of self-pampering.

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