It’s time to treat yourself. Think about doing something for yourself you’ve always wanted to do. 2021 is the year of self-care, so consider getting one or more of these beauty treatments this year.


Some people are born with incredibly thick and luscious eyebrows. If this isn’t you, microblading could become your best friend this year. Your beauty routine may involve filling and shaping your eyebrows on the daily. Microblading can help you achieve natural-looking eyebrows without all the hassle. The semi-permanent pigment used can last up to three years. Find the best microblading Long Island NY and ditch that tedious eyebrow pencil.

Eyelash Extensions

Another time-consuming task in your beauty routine is eye makeup. Between applying mascara, curling your eyelashes or applying false lashes, there’s quite a bit of work to be done each day. Rather than apply false lashes every day, consider getting eyelash extensions, which can last up to eight weeks. There are different styles of eyelash extensions, and you should consider what kind of look you’re going for before you set up an appointment. Whether you like a more dramatic eye or a natural look, there’s definitely a style for you.


If you have never gotten a professional facial, it’s time to book an appointment. Facials are not only good for your skin but good for your stress levels as well. While you’re receiving your treatment, you have time to relax and destress. Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging, aromatherapy or classic cleansing and moisturizing treatment, you’ll be amazed at how great you and your skin feel.

Taking the time to reward yourself after working toward a better you is incredibly important. Without time to appreciate the work you’ve done, you won’t be able to recognize how far you’ve come. Remember to make yourself a priority this year.

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