Designer Pallavi Mohan of the brand ‘NOT SO SERIOUS BY PALLAVI MOHAN’ is going to present her collection ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at India Art Fair that will take place from February 2-5, at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds.

Through the collection, Mohan “harks back” to the Lewis Caroll classic, not only by its name but also by recreating its idiosyncrasies in the clothing as well as the display space.

“The collection pays homage to the genius of Lewis Caroll. It is the coalescence of the idiosyncrasies of the fantasy world with the “Not So Serious” signature style. The main essence of the collection is derived from its intricate flower motifs.


“The techniques employed involve thinly printed slivers of fabric wrapped and coiled almost as if mimicking the circular dance of the butterflies. Along with the garments, the design space has also been specifically curated in a way that brings to life the “whimsy and mystery” that is Alice’s enchanting Wonderland,” the designer told IANS.

The collection incorporates the designer’s own signature, the floral motif as the essence of the collection.

The geometric design stand in contrast to the organic shapes while its layers with gentle pleats lend to a delicate yet comfortable silhouette. The collection pays its tribute to the author’s dreamlike setting through its colour palette of lavender, powder blue, dusty pink, peach, ash grey and a hint of gold.

[Source:- news18]

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