The Nadi X leggings has five sensors embedded into the fabric. These connect via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone app to determine what yoga position the wearer is in.

The app displays the pose and uses vibration to offer feedback on places the body needs to be adjusted to improve the position. The pulses are powered by a battery, which is clipped behind the knee. Vibrations vary, depending on how the body needs to be aligned.

Smart yoga pants by Wearable X

“Touch, which has always been the centre of our brand, is a key factor to how instructors teach yoga,” Wearable X co-founder Billie Whitehouse told Dezeen. According to Whitehouse, the brand collaborated with over 50 yogis to develop the app and understand the necessary alignments needed for each yoga pose.

“Touch is a universal language that is a natural fit with trying to understand the essentials of where to focus attention in yoga. Nadi X provides the gentle touch of your yoga instructor.”

Smart yoga pants by Wearable X

Wearable X plans to explore possibilities for using a similar system in other clothes next year, with the aim of addressing different sports.

The company launched in 2013 with vibrating underwear, aimed at couples in long-distance relationships and created in partnership with condom brand Durex.

Smart yoga pants by Wearable X

Wearable X often incorporates technology into clothing, and has partnered with several companies to create products – including a sports jersey that vibrates along with highlights from football games.

Startup OMSignal also designed sportswear designed to give instant feedback to the wearer, with a bra that can track fitness metrics and offer workout tips.

[Source:- dezeen]

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