Czech crystal expert Preciosa Crystal Components has collaborated with four brands from China, namely Italina, Neoglory, Melissa and Silver Artist, in launching exceptional accessory collections that speak to fashion-loving women everywhere.

The four brands utilised premium lead-free Preciosa MAXIMA and fancy stones. The accessory series flourished in their own way with the designers’ unique interpretations for urban contemporary women, the crystal expert said.

Preciosa, which has adhered to traditional Bohemia crystal-cutting skills for more than 300 years, previously collaborated with The Blonds from the US and Jannie Baltzer from Denmark.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Collection launched by Italina featured contrasting colours, and exclusive Cabochons from Preciosa. Similarly, the “Flower of Prague” line from Neoglory has a flamboyant feel to it. The flower-inspired collection has leaves and crystal apricots. The watch collection from Preciosa and Melissa used MC Chaton MAXIMA in different colours with fancy stones, such as MC Navette and MC Square. Silver Artist’s latest collection includes the eye-catching crystal Buddha pendant. The brand utilised Preciosa’s MC Chaton MAXIMA series, which comprises 45 colours and 17 coatings.

Commenting on Preciosa’s partnership with four of China’s contemporary lifestyle brands, Filip Jauce, marketing manager of Preciosa International (H.K.) Ltd, said Preciosa understands that today’s women have unique and evolving tastes. “This is why we have been providing diverse products of high quality over the years,” Jauce said. “We want to inspire women around the world to express their own unique beauty.”

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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