Often confused one for another, designer kurtas and kurtis for women might seem similar on the face of it, but they are really 2 different forms of fashion. Both equally beautiful, each has its own unique qualities that set it apart.

From obvious characteristics like the differing lengths to the more subtle features you’ll soon find out, there are a lot of interesting things to learn about this ethnic wear for women.

High in demand, you will find many stylish styles in an online kurti sale with all of the latest kurtis and kurta designs for women.

What is a girls kurti/kurta?

Girls Kurtis and Kurtas
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Have you ever wondered, “What is a kurta?”, or looked at 2 words, “kurta” and “kurti”, and asked yourself, “I wonder what the difference is?” Well, let us answer those questions which you’ve always had.

Let’s begin with the easiest one: The length.

Kurtas are longer while kurtis tend to be shorter, lighter.

A ladies kurta is usually of ankle-length, or at least of knee-length. Whereas the latest designer kurti is not only shorter, almost like a longer t-shirt for girls, but it usually weighs lesser, too.

This is the biggest difference that sets designer kurtas and kurtis apart: The intent of creation.

Uber stylish kurtas for women are created to enhance beauty and elegance at events and functions. Worn on special occasions, kurtas make for a stunning eveningwear ensemble for women.

Whilst designer kurtis for women are more functional. They are worn as women’s formal wear to work and college. Made from comfortable fabrics like cotton, kurtis are both pretty as well as practical.

Designer Kurtis Are Lighter in Weight Than Most Kurta Designs for Women

Designer Kurtas and Kurtis
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Kurta designs for girls are rich with excess, flowy fabric that creates a beautiful silhouette; take, for instance, an anarkali kurta. They are adorned with complex, intricate patterns. Their materials are generally heavier and include fabrics such as pure georgette, silk/poly silk, chikankari, etc.

While girls kurtis might be created from similar fabric, too, they are generally either much shorter or even if it is a long kurti, it will not be as heavy as its kurta counterpart. For example, take cotton kurti – it is lightweight, functional, and durable.

Which colour leggings with pink kurti?

If you have ever been confused over which colour leggings to pair with your pink kurti or kurta, we are here to help.

Ankle-length leggings for girls are a godsend. Leggings are versatile, and their stretchy fabric provides unparalleled comfort. Also called yoga pants, leggings can be paired with just about anything, from t-shirts to crop tops to tunics to ethnic wear.

Pair your pink kurti with monochrome leggings of either black or white colour. If your designer kurti has patterns or print in different colours, you can go for colour coordination and pair your kurti with the matching colour.

You can also go for leggings with stylish prints and cuts. Soch offers a variety of show-stopping leggings and other bottom wear for you to choose from.

Evening Wear Kurtas/Kurtis for Women

Evening Wear Kurtas and Kurtis
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Evening wear designer kurtis and ladies kurtas are equally stunning in their own way. Evening wear kurtas are usually of materials such as silk, crepe, georgette, etc. They have ornate prints and delicate embroidered patterns all over. With sequins and gold embellishments, designer kurtas are always ready to steal the spotlight.

A latest designer kurti, on the other hand, might match the beauty of the former, but in its own way. A long kurti is usually worn on special occasions. Alluding to weight, most kurtis are actually very light in weight.  They facilitate movement and are generally loved for their practical style.

Office Wear Kurtas and Kurtis for Women

Office wear Kurtas and Kurtis
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When opting for a work outfit, it is important to keep in mind that not only should your outfit look professional but it should also be comfortable. That’s where formal ethnic wear comes in.

Cotton kurtis and designer kurtas make for the perfect workwear look. They are not only delightfully easy on the eye, but they are also designed to provide comfort all day long. The latest designer kurtis come in fashionable, trendy prints and patterns that appeal to women across a wide range of age groups.

Another attractive workwear option is kurtas. For women, while there are a lot of office wear options to choose from, the category of kurtas as formal wear definitely stands out. Similar to kurtis, they are elegant and feminine, with the appeal of traditional wear. You can pair your kurta with a pair of relaxed, stylish palazzo pants for women. Kurta palazzo sets create unique silhouettes, giving you great shape and form. Complete your office look with a pair of block heels or flats in neutral shades of black, nude, brown, cream, etc.

Casual Wear Ladies Kurtas and Kurtis

Casual Wear Kurtas and Kurtis
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Even the simplest kurta designs for girls have a dramatic edge to them, as opposed to simple kurtis, which are far more minimal. Simple kurtas have a unique flair, whether that comes from their silhouettes or the pop of fresh colours. Kurtas can be worn to dinners, family functions, and other events when you want to dazzle but with minimal effort.

Simple kurtis are quite understated, perfect for everyday use. You can wear casual wear designer kurtis everywhere, from the office to a day out with friends. Kurtis for women can be paired with comfortable ankle-length leggings and flat footwear for maximum comfort and functionality.

Head over to Soch, a leading ethnic wear store, for online shopping in India. Browse through the latest ethnic styles and choose from a wide variety of available options. Check out the gorgeous line of kurtis in the latest online kurti sale, and find elegant kurtas for girls with beautiful bottom wear to match.


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