We often encounter ourselves in tricky situations when it comes to travel, what to carry what not to. Everything seems to be important, everything seems to be a necessary item, everything seems to be needed. Out these travel time outs we can easily exclude all our pleasure trips as they don’t really necessitate the carrying of any Jewelry. What triggers uncertainty is when we are travelling with jewellery for weddings, business meetings, other functions like- housewarming etc where Jewelry is a must.

Simple Travelling Bangles

Bring the Right Jewelry that will fit your choice of style and attire. Shortlist Jewelry that you intend to take, ensure that the Jewelry matches perfectly on a number of outfits you are carrying.

Ensure to choose Jewelry that is light weighted, comfortable and that which is hassle-free.

Group the Jewelry items together i.e. all gold bangles together, gold rings together to avoid tangling them.


Packing Jewelry is an acid test, whether you are a globe trotter or a rare traveler. It is one such activity that consumes a lot of thought and time, in the end, you would need the patience to pack as it is a matter of fine Jewelry. A minor slip in packing also will turn to be costly. Here are a few of our tips that can be handy.

There are many Jewellery pouches and travel kits that are easily available online, use the best out of these.

1. Ensure you pack light Jewelry while travelling with jewellery, the lighter and minimalist the better

2. If you are traveling for a wedding, it is advised to wear items like gold earringsgold rings ass they are both lightweight and safe when worn than carried

3. Do ensure to separate them from artificial Jewelry, least they might get tangled or broken when handling

4. Do not pack them with your check-in baggage or in suitcases that you would not carry with you, rather keep all Jewellery in the handbag which you will be holding

5. Choose lightweight gold necklace if you are traveling for attending any outstation weddings, receptions or family functions. They will be easy to carry too.


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