Is teaching English your first love? Would you prefer to concentrate on getting your students to improve their language skills rather than sit through interminable school administrative meetings?  Are you bored with the endless and fixed routines that schools impose on you?  Well, welcome to the club of teachers who teach English online.

It is perfectly understandable if you are jittery about throwing away a steady job at a school and plunging into unknown waters to teach English online. But the fact that several professional and experienced teachers have moved to the virtual world to teach English online should reassure you.

Today, the community of teachers committing themselves to teach English online to students across the globe includes an eclectic mix of freshers, young graduates, non-degree holders, and experienced professionals with teaching certificates.

Why Teach English online? The Advantages:

So, why does a teacher with a decade of experience decide to teach English online? What motivates a young college graduate to teach English online rather than trod the beaten path of looking for a school job? The most obvious answer is freedom and flexibility. In a world that has been reduced to a rat race, the freedom to decide the amount of work you want to do and when to do it can be truly liberating.

When you teach English online, you have the flexibility to choose the times you want to work. For example, if you are a late riser, you no longer have to fret about sleeping through the alarm or getting your circadian rhythm to match with the rest of the world. Just opt to teach English online in the evening hours, when you are at your best!

We know that teaching English is your first love! But when you decide to teach English online, you get the chance to indulge in your other passions too. Want to travel around the world? Sure, you can do so, even as you fulfill your teaching commitments online.

It is no longer necessary to wait for the school holidays to move around the world. Think of the amount of money you can save traveling during non-peak season!!

If you want to teach English online as a full-time commitment, will this decision make you lose out monetarily? You may have a dip in your income in the initial days of your foray into the virtual world. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to take enough classes to ensure that your financial situation does not suffer in any way.

The General Qualifications & Requirements To Teach English Online

Qualification / Requirement
Fluency in English
Yes. This is non-negotiable
Preference for native English speakers
Yes. Most schools hire teachers from US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
Access to high speed broadband
Yes. Non-negotiable
TEFL certification
Preferred. But not essential
Preferred. But not essential
Not required

Teach English Online: Selecting the Right Institution

If you are wondering how to take the first step into the virtual world of English lessons, read our comprehensive guide. It lists the 10 best companies hiring now to teach English online from home. We examine the company, pay scales, qualifications, contract periods, and other vital information you require to make an informed decision.

1. VIPKid


If you are looking at opportunities to teach English online, a cursory search of the internet will lead you to the VIPKid landing page. This is not surprising. With a large student base built over several years, VIPKid is a popular choice for online teachers. Their reputation as good paymasters who provide teachers with flexible options has added to their credibility.

How do you apply to teach English online at VIPKid?

  1. Fill up the online application form on the company website
  2. The second step of the evaluation process is either an interview or a recorded demo lesson
  3. Attend an orientation session where you will be given information on VIPKid technology, standards, and curriculum
  4. Conduct a mock class with a VIPKid teacher
  5. If you have selected post the mock class, upload the required documents
  6. VIPKid will conduct a background check to ensure online safety and security
  7. Once the contract is signed, your profile is set up on the website

You are now ready to take bookings from students!

What are the qualifications/requirements to teach English online at VIPKid?

  • Bachelor’s degree is mandatory
  • You must be a Canadian or US passport holder
  • It would help if you were committed to teaching a minimum of six months
  • Well-functioning equipment recommended by VIPKid and internet connection of at least 25 Mb/s
  • A backup device to your laptop (a tablet will do)

As a teacher at VIPKid, you can earn between $8-$25 per hour, depending on your experience. Teachers are paid once or twice a month via bank deposit. Each class is for 25 minutes. Also, teachers are provided with a participation incentive if they start and end their classes on time.  You get an additional financial incentive if you take 40-45 classes per month.


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