Let’s face it, we’re a generation obsessed with Glossier. Even those of us who barely ever update the contents of our makeup bag and have been using the same foundation since A Levels can’t help but be curious about the minimalist beauty brand. Naturally, not everyone is 100% sold, but one thing’s certainly clear: Glossier are nailing ‘no makeup’ Read More →

They will tell you that celebrity fragrances are over, and maybe they’re right, but only to a point. It is true, that after the celebrity fragrance boom of the mid-to-late 2000s, people have scaled back on buying fragrances with celebrity names attached to them, and started optioning to buy higher end (“higher end”) fragrances with less frequency. Buying fewer Read More →

Open the bottle and drench in it. Easy. Breezy. But how do you make sure the perfume lasts? Answer: By knowing where to spray. To smell as fresh as the morning, even at noon, or actually… at 9 pm too, here’s exactly where to spray your expensive, bottled perfection. 1. Your hair: Surprised? Don’t be. Your mane Read More →