Are you planning an event or a ceremony? Are you looking for something that gives more character to your brand? Do you want to make  your hotel unforgettable? You are in the right place! The objective of Tailor Made Fragrance  is to find a custom perfume for you. We thought about 5 good reasons to demonstrate it.

1. Give strength to your brand identity with a custom perfume

In 5 simple moves with Tailor Made Fragrance you can create a perfume customized in every aspect. As a starting point, we provide a wide range of fragrances to choose from. It is an important step because each perfume is composed of olfactory notes on several levels, which, thanks to their evocative power, are full of meaning.

The first level is given by the head notes: the ones perceived just after the perfume application, the strongest in any fragrance.

Once these start dissolving, the heart notes appear, the central core of the fragrance.

Lastly, after about half an hour from the application of the perfume, the deep notes will be perceivable, which confer deepness and richness to the perfume.

For each fragrance present in our offer we listed for you each one of the 3 levels, the sensations, and the messages brought with them.

If you are searching for a perfume for your brand, be guided by the words describing your identity, your clients, and our fragrance experts will find the best choice for you,based on the new trends. For example, if you use terms such as “elegance” and “virility” we would recommend “the hero” fragrance. Do you need a fragrance with a captivating and surprising character that reflects the teeming life of an urban and international location? “The place” is for you. Check on our website if you want to order a sample of fragrances . In this way, you can test them and evaluate which is the best option for your brand.

2. Olfactory memory: make sure that your customers always remember you

Recent studies show that the smell is among the 5 senses most capable of affecting our unconscious. The strength of the olfactory memory is such that the expression “Proust syndrome” refers to the phenomenon whereby familiar smells are able to bring back emotions and memories of experiences and people in an extremely vivid way.

Through a perfume tailor-made for you, you can deeply connect with your customers on an emotional level. In fact, few olfactory notes will ensure that wherever your customers are located, the memories will make them connect it to you, your event, your ceremony, and our brand.

If you are looking for a custom perfume for a hotel by the sea, choose a fragrance with notes of orange blossom, white oleander, and mandarin: they will bind to the images of the magical stay that your customers will spend with you.

3. Custom perfume for a pleasant environment with character

It is not nly colors, furniture, lights, and sounds that make an environment come to life. Perfumes play a decisive role in defining the character of a space.

One of the reasons why Tailor Made fragrance wants you to create a personalized perfume is that it will be a of the influence, and also a predisposition to dialogue. The permanence customers will perceive it as a pleasant atmosphere. You can choose the fragrance in relation to the time of year or the vibe you want to convey.

For instance, if you want to give a warm and enveloping shade to your environment, we recommend a woody perfume. If instead, you want to recall the scent of a Mediterranean island out of time, a place of calm and peace, we offer you the fragrance “The water”. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fragrance for a wellness center, we suggest one with oriental references, such as “The jasmine” so that the experience of a massage will be even more relaxing and pleasant for your client.

custom perfumes for spa wellness center

4. Choose a custom perfume as a gadget for your events

Are you planning a corporate party, a birthday or a wedding? We know that one of the critical points is the choice of a gadget for your guests, because you want it to be original and significant. That is why our advice for you is to think of a custom perfume for your event or a perfume tailored for your ceremony.

Giving a perfume to a person for himself or for his house will leave a memory of the smell outside the box, thanks to the double sensorial channel. An ambient scent is a great way to thank your loved ones for being present on a special day. The fragrances are ideal personalized gifts you can use to create a special sensation in your customers. They are perfect team-building tools to strengthen the harmony of your team, hence achieve better results.


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