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To prolong your Burberry perfume’s wear time, apply perfume to your pulse points: the inner elbows, wrists, and sides of your neck.

Burberry, the iconic luxury brand best known for its iconic tartan, is also recognized as a trendsetter and industry leader in high-end perfume. Offering unique blends, from fresh florals to earthy, natural aromas, Burberry delivers a wide assortment of perfumes to match every event, style, and personality.

If you’re ready to take your choice of fragrance to the next level, we’ve assembled a buying guide to help you choose the right Burberry perfume for you. Take a look at these luxurious fragrances, including our favorite, Burberry Body for Women Eau de Parfum Intense, which has a delicate, versatile scent.

Considerations when choosing Burberry perfumes


Burberry perfumes are available in four main bottle sizes: 1 fluid ounce, 1.7 fluid ounces, 2 fluid ounces, and 3.4 fluid ounces. While it seems cost-effective to purchase the largest bottle available, some consumers prefer to cycle through smaller bottles to ensure their perfume is fresh.

Application style

The size of your Burberry bottle usually determines its application style. Smaller bottles have a tapered opening for droplet dispensation or feature a rollerball.

Most larger bottles, on the other hand, have simple spray heads. It’s recommended to keep the cap over them when they’re not in use to preserve the head and ensure an uncorrupted stream with each spray.


It’s important to consider the olfactory impact of your Burberry perfume on those around you. While you may love a scent and bask in its fragrance, it may be better suited for some environments over others.

If you spend time in professional atmospheres or in public spaces, a lighter scent is more appropriate and considerate to the sensitivity of others. Events, parties, and intimate gatherings, on the other hand, are fair game to wear your favorite Burberry perfume to make a statement.

Eau de parfum vs. eau de toilette

When it comes to the spectrum of scent strength, eau de parfum is stronger than eau de toilette, as it has a higher concentration of fragrance oils. Eau de parfum has a heavier, prominent scent that is long-lasting. Eau de toilette, on the other hand, is a lighter, more subtle scent that is often preferred for everyday use.

Scent categories

With such a diverse range of fragrances, Burberry perfumes have a scent or note for everyone. Perhaps what is most alluring about these fragrances is the impressive interplay of the notes, so that you’re hard-pressed to identify them separately.

Here, we’ve broken down the most popular scent preferences in Burberry perfumes. You’ll find yourself engaged in a different, multifaceted olfactory experience with each one.

Refreshing scents include clean, aquatic notes that are reminiscent of fruit, blossoms, or coastlines. They’re lightweight, uplifting, and popular for everyday wear.

Romantic scents include heavier vanilla, floral, or musky notes that have a powdery element to their fragrance. As they’re sensual and engaging, they’re ideal for making a statement at an evening event.

Natural scents include earthy notes like sandalwood, bamboo, or patchouli. These have some depth to them that create a grounded yet vivacious fragrance. Unique and versatile, these fragrances are appropriate for both daily and special-occasion wear.

Burberry perfume prices

Burberry perfumes range in price from $45 to $115, with premium scents costing the most. On average, for most Burberry perfumes, expect to spend around $80 for 1.7 fluid ounces.


Q. I save my Burberry perfume for special occasions, so how long will my bottle last and stay at full strength?

A. The average shelf life of perfumes is approximately three to five years. If you won’t be using it often, opt for a smaller bottle so you won’t lose money on unused product.

Q. How many times should I spray my Burberry perfume for it to last all day?

A. It’s recommended to spray yourself up to five times in a couple areas of your body to achieve a long-lasting scent without it being overpowering. Aim to spray skin instead of clothing, as perfume sticks to the body more effectively than it does fabrics.

Burberry perfumes we recommend

Best of the best: Burberry Body for Women Eau de Parfum Intense

Our take: Elegant and delicate scent that is most recognizable by its soft balance between floral and wood undertones.

What we like: Scent is refreshing and clean with an upbeat, youthful vibe to it. Consistent scent level and quality throughout the day.

What we dislike: Seems far too light of a scent for wearers who want to make an olfactory impact.

Best bang for your buck: Burberry London for Women Eau de Parfum

Our take: Earthy, androgynous fragrance with notes of sandalwood, musk, and patchouli. 

What we like: Considered an edgy, unique scent with universal appeal that is appropriate for everyday use as well as evening events.

What we dislike: Wears off a bit too quickly for some. To some, other fruity notes seem ill-balanced against the main notes.

Choice 3: Burberry for Women Eau de Parfum

Our take: Signature scent that is classy, timeless, and fresh with a combination of musk, cedar, and vanilla notes.

What we like: Scent is subtle with an appropriate heaviness. Considered a go-to perfume for professionals given how simple and versatile it is.

What we dislike: High ticket price and reputation for wearing off could make it a hard sell, even to die-hard Burberry perfume lovers.


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