Banking on Turkey’s long-standing history in gold jewellery manufacturing, Turkish jewellers are bent on further strengthening their position in the global industry and expanding their reach into new areas of growth.

A number of Turkish jewellery manufacturers told JNA in separate interviews that Turkey remains on top of its game in the gold jewellery arena despite a tough business environment. Some manufacturers that used to cater mainly to the Middle East and Europe constantly diversify and are now training their sights on Asia, according to the companies.

Annda Jewelry

Established in 1982, Annda Jewelry has made a name for itself locally and in the Middle East, thanks to its diverse product portfolio. Its core products include 10-, 14-, 18-, and 21-karat yellow, white and rose gold jewellery in both traditional and modern designs.

“We always prepare a special collection for our customers to keep our inventories fresh. Apart from Turkey and the Middle East, we also have buyers from the US, Mexico, Canada and Southeast Europe,” said Sejfula Bushi of Annda Jewelry.

Citing mounting opportunities in Asia’s jewellery sector, the company is refining its business strategy with a focus on potential markets in the region.

“Asia is an interesting market for us and we are preparing ourselves to test the waters there. We want to develop products specifically suited to their needs. We are zeroing in on China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia,” noted Bushi.

He added that the company will conduct feasibility studies to know more about the Asian market.

Despite a more challenging economic environment, Annda recorded stable growth in 2015, which Bushi attributed to the jeweller’s diversified customer portfolio.

The company runs a manufacturing facility in Istanbul, with about 25 employees. The factory produces around 40 kilograms of gold jewellery per month, Bushi disclosed.

Ishakoglu Jewellery

Jewellery manufacturer Ishakoglu Jewellery is eyeing steady growth in 2016 on the back of continued demand for its core products.

According to Tuncer Tunc of Ishakoglu, the company offers a varied selection of 8- to 22-karat gold jewellery, the most sought after of which are rings.

“We use different production techniques. For instance, we have a hollow line of bracelets and necklaces but our most popular products are rings because our company started primarily as a ring producer in 1986,” Tunc noted. “We offer a broad range of products because we are targeting many markets with different preferences.”

The company also produces a silver jewellery line.

Ishakoglu mainly sells to Dubai, Europe, the US, Canada and Panama. Among today’s emerging markets, Asia is the most appealing for the Turkish jeweller, Tunc noted.

“Asia, specifically China, has a vast potential. We are aware, however, that it is going to entail hard work. We have to do extensive research to make sure that we can offer a collection that is suited to that particular market,” he added.

The jewellery manufacturer is maintaining a positive outlook in 2016, despite a rise in gold prices as well as political and economic uncertainties in major markets, Tunc continued.

Blaybil Jewelry

Backed by more than three decades of jewellery manufacturing know-how, Blaybil Jewelry is keen on building its presence in new areas to strengthen its global business.

Issam Blaybil of Blaybil said the company remains open to entering other markets to help cushion the adverse effects of a generally sluggish global jewellery industry.

The company’s main market is Dubai, Blaybil explained, adding that Middle Eastern customers are always on the lookout for different products in a mix of modern and contemporary designs.

“We don’t expect a lot of activity in the market this year because of a combination of problems in the Middle East and other major markets,” he stated. “We remain optimistic, however, and we always strive to look for other areas of business and not rely solely on our existing ones.”

The company official revealed that Blaybil met new clients from the US, Pakistan and Europe at the Istanbul Jewelry Show last March. The Turkish jeweller banks on international exhibitions to showcase its products to a wider audience and meet potential customers.

Blaybil manufactures 18- to 21-karat gold pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Its signature products are gold and enamel jewellery pieces in both classic and modern designs.

According to the company executive, Blaybil regularly develops fresh designs to maintain its edge in Turkey’s highly competitive gold jewellery sector.

“For decades, we have enjoyed a reputation as one of the best manufacturers doing the enamelling technique. We are recognised for our exceptional designs and top-quality craftsmanship,” he noted.

The jeweller takes inspiration from cultural influences in Turkey and the Middle East, with some designs being tweaked to fit the needs of the younger generation of customers.

“Our designs evolve depending on market needs. Trends change all the time, which is why we always come out with innovative collections and one-of-a-kind styles that are up-to-date. We always want to create our own look,” Blaybil continued.

The jeweller operates a 1,000-square metre production facility in Istanbul.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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