Hong Kong Jewellery Holding Ltd is taking its young, fast-growing jewellery retail brand, H.K. Jewelry, to even greater heights in the next three years.

The brand, which is run by the company’s subsidiary, Hong Kong Jewellery Co Ltd, opened its first store in October 2012 and has since grown its distribution network to more than 150 stores in major cities in mainland China.

Buoyed by its brand’s rapid expansion, the company is now mapping out its brand-building and marketing strategies for the next three years, said Li Xia, chairman of the board of Hong Kong Jewellery Holding.

According to Li, H.K. Jewelry’s objectives in the next three years include enhancing its brand image, improving its jewellery designs and adjusting its product offerings to meet market demand. The brand plans to focus mainly on diamond and gemstone jewellery, with plain gold jewellery added to the mix.

Operations, training and product development are the three fundamental elements in H.K. Jewelry’s brand-building campaign this year, said Zhang Tuoji, an operations supervisor at Hong Kong Jewellery Holding.

A key initiative is the development of jewellery products by established local and international designers, the company official noted. The brand will form strategic alliances with major jewellery designer associations and design institutes in China and overseas to launch diverse collections by artists from all over the world.

In the process, H.K. Jewelry will be able to hone its design capabilities and develop competitive products in its own distinctive style, Zhang said.

When it comes to operations, the company will improve the management of its H.K. Jewelry stores and conduct training exercises for its staff in Shanxi, Huadong and Huangzhong.

Brand positioning

Marketing and promotions are also a priority this year, according to Nichole Zhao, Hong Kong Jewellery Holding’s chief executive assistant and brand director.

The H.K. Jewelry brand has adjusted its positioning to better differentiate itself from the competition and raise its profile in the market. It targets customers aged 40 and below, and who are living in the Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tangshan area and the Yangtze River Delta, Zhao said. H.K. Jewelry has adopted orange as its corporate colour, which the company said reflects the brand’s youthfulness, accessibility and creativity.

In terms of product design, the brand fuses Chinese cultural themes with western art forms that are expressive and powerful, Zhao said.
Moving forward, personalised jewellery products will form 20 percent of its offerings. H.K. Jewelry will also develop unisex collections and high-end bespoke jewellery lines, she added.

Hong Kong Jewellery Holding will reinforce its relationships with regular chain stores and franchisees, providing them with the necessary support to boost sales for the brand, Zhao said.

The company will also expand H.K. Jewelry’s customer base through social media and referral-marketing campaigns, and embrace the “Internet Plus” action plan. The latter, proposed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, integrates the Internet with modern manufacturing to drive growth and expand traditional businesses’ international reach.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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