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Maintain your feather jewellery by keeping them in a separate storage space, and by going easy on the cleaning part, say experts.

Sonam Gupta, jewellery designer and founder, Zurie Design Studio, and Pritesh Goyal, jewellery designer, SLG Jewellers, share some tips to protect feather jewellery.

Go with the light moisture wash: Not all kind of feather jewellery can be cleaned, and those that can be washed can’t just be put under the tap. So, if you wish to clean them, hang them on the bathroom wall while you take a shower and let them enjoy the moisture bath from the shower.

Don’t go overboard with cleaning: Ensure to do a small check after you get back home to make sure they are in proper condition. But if you want to give a proper cleaning, then do it once in a month because an overload of chemical and water treatment can also harm them.

Separate storage space: The feather jewels are extremely soft and delicate and can’t be stored with their counterparts made from heavy metal pieces. They need a space that needs to be both and dust and moisture free as both the elements can bring dullness. Other than that, hanging them is the best option as they face the chances of getting tangled if kept in drawers.

 Light blow drying to enliven them up: If the feathers get wet, don’t panic. Grab a blow drier turn it to slow speed and blow dry them from a safe distance. If you don’t have a blow dryer don’t make the mistake of cleaning it with cloth, instead let them dry on their own in the shade.






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