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Just like history, fashion repeats itself. While you may have thought you left your choker-loving ways behind in ’98, 90’s trends are back — and more fashionable than ever! These current celeb pics will give you major style inspo.

Although some 90’s trends are better left in the past — remember blue body glitter and those tiny rainbow butterfly clips? — there’s a surprising amount of 90’s accessories that are not only super fashionable today, but that you may not have even KNOWN were big over 20 years ago. Thought platform heels were strictly 2017? Turns out, the 90’s had them first. Don’t get us wrong though, said trends have 100 percent gotten a makeover since 1999, but the point is, it’s a beautiful thing when you can still get use out of throw-back pieces (plaid, anyone?) Just take some styling cues from our fav celebs in the above gallery, and let yourself be taken back to 1995.

Chokers are probably the most popular trend to resurge in the new millennium. While back in the day they were mostly made out of a stretchy fishnet material — and almost always included beads — today, they’re much more refined. A 2017 choker can be layered, embellished, made of velvet, lace, leather — the options are endless! We love how Cara Delevingne, 24, wore hers with a formal dress on the red carpet — SO chic! Click to see pics of celebs wearing outfits that easily transition from summer to fall.

Bandanas have also made a huge comeback, but the way they’re worn has changed significantly. Then, they were typically styled like a hat and covered the entire head. Now, fashion bloggers and celebrities alike prefer to wear them as a headband. A super surprising trend that we thought had died long ago — or at least was reserved for tourists vacationing in Florida — is the fanny pack! Kendall Jenner, 21, famously helped bring them back earlier this year, and fans are loving her new way of sporting the waistband purse. In an epically 90’s outfit, the model piled on the throw-back pieces and wore round shades, a goth-inspired sheer top, a fanny pack, AND frayed denim mom shorts. What year is it again?

Kendall Jenner wearing 90s fashion

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you surprised some of these 90’s trends are still relevant today? Can you see yourself rocking these throw-back looks?


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