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We all love that dash of kohl or liner. But the humid months can make it runny. Weatherproof it now

Skip the liner, use eyeshadow
Black pencil liner is a beauty staple. However, it often melts during the oppressive Indian humid months, and smudges onto our upper eyelid. Even a waterproof eyeliner wears down because of the oils from our skin and the sweat. Go for powder eyeshadows, as their consistency is not oily and creamy, and stays in place. The best part: even if it smudges, it doesn’t look jarring.

Go for waterproof liquid liner
Liquid liner is often overlooked because applying it is a complicated process that almost never ends well. However, it is perfect for creating clean, sleek lines and does not smudge the way pencil liners do.

Set pencil liner with eyeshadow
Makeup artists swear by this secret technique: set your eyeliner with some eyeshadow, if you want to prevent it from smudging. The powder pigments in the eyeshadow lock in the oily pigments in the pencil liner. Use a tiny, angled brush for precision while doing this.
Use a primer
A primer is usually a professional makeup product that not only evens out skin, but also provides a smooth base for makeup. It also prevents the makeup from smudging. So, if you’re going for an elaborate eye makeup, use primer on your lids.


Try a dewy look
Work with the conditions instead of against them, meaning go for a glowy makeup look. Highlight skin well, use a warm, shimmery eyeshadow in bronze or gold, add some warm colour to your cheeks, and keep the lips glossy. Now, even if you get sweaty, the makeup that will melt will only make your skin look more dewy and gleaming!

In this weather, even waterproof makeup wears down thanks to skin oils and sweat




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