Of the many lessons we learn as we grow into adulthood, none holds better to the fine art of shopping than the thought that you get what you pay for. In some instances—when the buy is meant to last a season or is deeply trend-driven—there’s value in not spending much. If it’s an item that you’ll use Read More →

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has been forced to hand over $8m (£6m) worth of jewellery associated with a high-profile corruption case. The order came from the US Justice Department, which is investigating Malaysian businessman Jho Low for stealing government funds. Kerr reportedly received the jewellery from Mr Low when the two dated in 2014, after the Read More →

FAKE bags and shoes worth more than €320 billion were sold last year, a report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office has estimated. The counterfeit goods largely originated from China – with around 63 per cent of global seizures stemming from the mainland as well as Read More →