Of the many lessons we learn as we grow into adulthood, none holds better to the fine art of shopping than the thought that you get what you pay for. In some instances—when the buy is meant to last a season or is deeply trend-driven—there’s value in not spending much. If it’s an item that you’ll use and love for decades, though, higher price tags are worth it. Craftsmanship, intelligent design, and a commitment to details are all things luxury brands excel at, resulting in the sort of things you can buy knowing it’ll stay in the rotation for years.

Bar a wedding band or stud earrings, your watch is the accessory you can wear every single day. As such, it's a category to invest in, and one that you can do so with confidence. Impeccable craftsmanship and tradition combine to make a piece you'll want to wear for forever.
Rolex Datejust 31, price upon request; rolex.com

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