Here’s some important info for all you ultra-glam mermaids out there!

Hello Giggles spoke with Great Neck, New York-based dermatologist Jeannette Graf, who said swimming in your makeup is not actually that bad for you. And in some cases, it might be almost good for your skin. Will wonders never cease!

Dr. Graf says that if you get in the water with makeup, that can be fine, but once you get out, it’s a good idea to clean your face. (This information applies to both salt water and chlorinated water.)

“If [makeup] dries with your wet skin, it can cause further irritation and bacteria can sit on the skin,” she says.

And although it might not be the best thing for your skin, there are some exceptions.

“If makeup is water resistant and has sun protection, it can be helpful to your skin,” she said.

If you plan on wearing makeup in the water, she suggests applying sunscreen first, and then putting on water-resistant makeup with SPF protection.

Now go get in the water, you beautiful mermaid! It’s, like, a million degrees outside and you deserve to wear a full face in the ~waves~ if you want to!


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