Summer skin 101
While we cutomise our food and fitness for the hot season, it’s time for some skin sense, too.

What to avoid

Over washing the skin is not the best way to get rid of pollutants. Wash your face with a facewash, not more than three times a day. Use wet wipes with aloe or tea tree oil to wipe clean your face in between washes. Shop for a summer face wash. Pick one with salicylic acid, as it helps to unclog your pores and removes excess oil. And needless to say, use a sunscreen, as 70-80 per cent of ageing is caused by exposure to sun.

Home remedies

While there are several creams and lotions for skincare, there is nothing like good ol’ home remedies. Here are five homecare tips for all summer skin-related issues.

For excess oil: Use Fuller’s earth aka multani mitti as it soaks up excess oil. Mix a spoonful of the mitti with water. Keep for five minutes and wash it off.

For sweaty underarms: Make a mixture of 4 tbsp water, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp sea salt and 1 tbsp tomato juice. Apply it on your underarms twice a day.

For making an astringent: Mix a drop of apple cider vinegar and 4-5 drops of witch hazel extract in half a bowl of water. Use it to dab your face. It acts as a gentle toner. Be careful not to overdo the apple cider vinegar, as it can cause a burn.

For removing tan: Mix a glass of buttermilk and 2-3 tbsp sugar crystals. Apply on your face, keep it for five minutes and wash off with water.

For dry skin: Make your own body wash by mixing coconut oil (half a bowl) and 3-4 tbsp sugar crystals.


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