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Dry, flaky and chapped lips are certainly a no-no when wearing matte lipsticks. Being on that lip state is extremely difficult especially because other than being painful, it makes wearing those pretty matte shades difficult.

In order to successfully rock matte lipsticks, Daniel Chinchilla, as reported in InStyle, recommends one additional step in one’s makeup routine to prevent dry and chapped lips. For a successful matte lip application, she suggests prepping and hydrating the lips with these products before application.

Products recommendations Chinchilla cited include Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask in Clear ($26) together with Insurance Lips Primer by Too Faced ($20). She adds that the lip mask should be applied 15 minutes prior to matte lipstick application to be followed by the primer. These products are said to hydrate the pout making the lipstick application smooth and long lasting on the lips. For those with extremely dry puckers, lipsticks with satin finish can also be an alternative option for the matte ones.

Another lip prepping product, as cited by Allure, is M.A.C. Lip Scrubtious. Launched late last year, this product is truly perfect for treating the lips during the winter time. Lip Scrubtious is a sugar-based lip scrub product that aims to scrub away all the dry and flaky patches of the lips. It is said to be infused with all moisturizing and conditioning ingredients such as shea butter and grape seed oil. The scrubs also comes with their different matte lipstick shades.

Other must have lip primers that will surely let you rock that matte lipsticks are from Nyx’s Lip Primer ($7), Gabriel Cosmetic’s Lip Primer ($15), E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Studio Lip Primer and Plumper, Aquaphor Healing Ointment Tube ($5), and Rimmel’s Conditioning Balm ($7). The great thing about these products is that they are locally available in drugstores.

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