Chinese luxury jewellery brand Qeelin is undertaking a fresh campaign to celebrate the success and allure of its iconic Wulu Collection.

The campaign, Wulu Magic: Embark On A Journey Of Fantasy, looks back to the inspiration and creative process behind the collection, and gives it a more contemporary appeal.

Wulu was the brainchild of Dennis Chan, Qeelin’s creative director. Launched in 1997, the collection drew inspiration from the ancient caves of Dunhuang in northwestern China. Strategically located on the legendary Silk Road, the town of Dunhuang was an outpost of China’s trade 2000 years ago at a time when Western travelers such as Marco Polo made the long journey to China.

The Dunhuang cave paintings depicted ladies and gentlemen clothed in fine textiles and adorned with exquisite jewellery pieces. Inspired by this vision, Chan created a brand that represents the greatness of Chinese culture by bringing the spirit of true luxury to life.

“Wulu’s shape, which resembles the number eight and translates to ‘good fortune’ in Chinese, remains iconic. Although Wulu literally refers to a Chinese gourd associated with magical powers and fortune, it has been stylishly reincarnated as the quintessential symbol of style at Qeelin,” the company said.

The new campaign, headlined by a video, brings to life a magical encounter with the Wulu, according to Qeelin. An elegant lady swings from a gourd-shaped jewel suspended from a swing entwined with green leaves and delicate white flowers. Surreal and sensual, the video captures the magic of Qeelin.

“I’m intrigued by the video,” Chan noted. “The Wulus are magnified many times, giving viewers a magical, surreal and timeless impression. The video brings to life the meaning of Wulu – the promise of a dream, of a fantasy, and of fortune.”

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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