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Just a quick glance at the top news headlines can be a harsh reminder that the world is not always a safe place, especially for women. Fear of a robbery, attack or assault can prevent you from pursuing a fulfilling career choice, moving to a new area, or simply enjoying time out with friends. Fortunately, there are ways for women to practice smart safety so they can worry less and enjoy life more. From concealed carry options for women to tips on how to set yourself up for success, these practices can help keep you safe.

Arm Yourself Appropriately

If your home is in a large city, chances are you live or work near areas with high crime rates. Carrying some form of self-defense weapon may be a wise choice if you frequently visit unsafe areas, especially if you’re often alone. There are many non-lethal choices, including pepper sprays and stun guns, that can be very effective in warding off an attacker. If you feel that a knife or gun is a safer choice, be sure to check your state’s laws concerning these weapons. It’s also critical to receive proper training and to store every kind of weapon in a secure location.

Take a Self-Defense Class

There is power in preparing yourself for a potentially dangerous scenario before it ever takes place. A self-defense class can help make you more aware of your surroundings by teaching you how to recognize a threatening situation. In addition, you’ll have the confidence of knowing how to protect yourself and how to respond quickly for a more favorable outcome.

Prevent Danger by Thinking Ahead

The best type of protection eliminates a dangerous encounter altogether. Make a habit of safe practices, such as keeping doors and windows locked and using a security system in your home. Keep up with your local news to avoid trouble spots in your community and check in with a friend if you’re out alone at night.

With preparation and safe habits, you can have the confidence to protect yourself and others from danger.

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