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Life is filled with special occasions that warrant celebration, such as a new baby, a change in employment, a significant accomplishment, or a birthday. Not only do these events often call for celebration, but they can also call for commemoration, and giving a special physical memento may help ensure that the celebration doesn’t end when the party does. A tangible object can trigger memories of the event long after it has passed, and finding the perfect keepsake can be easy if you keep two things in mind.

Keep It Small and Simple

Gifts don’t need to be lavish and large to be meaningful. Pay attention to the recipient’s style and personality, and cater your gift to those specifications. Does the recent grad love jewelry? Find an elegant, timeless piece that pairs well with any outfit. Does the promotion require a wardrobe upgrade? Consider a wallet that will conjure images of you each time it’s used. Does that new baby have a new nursery to decorate? Select a tasteful Willow Tree angel to remind a tired mother of the beautiful life she has created. Ultimately, you want your gift to be a blessing and not a burden. Avoid flashy, statement gifts that tend to call attention to the money you spent; instead, select something that calls attention to the bond you share and the importance of the person in your life.

Keep It Genuine

A gift recipient often knows when a gesture feels sincere and when it feels forced. If you find yourself feeling like you’re giving a gift out of obligation, step back and reexamine your motivations. Make sure your rationale stems from the desire to support and encourage, not for self-gratification. Seeing someone light up after receiving a present you carefully selected can be a wonderful feeling, and research shows giving a present can strengthen the bond between the giver and recipient.

Giving a gift can be a great way to honor special moments in someone’s life. Taking the time to choose something personal and genuine can ensure the celebration of the event – and the support of the giver – is remembered for years to come.

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